The Unaffiliated is founded on one basic concept: honesty. Its creators, Leia and Skye, saw the pressure reviewers felt from their sponsors to leave a positive review on whatever book or product they were given and decided to tackle the problem head-on. Their philosophy is that reviewers and reviews should never be biased and mislead their audience for the sake of future endorsement. It’s frustrating enough spending a lot of money on a bad book, let alone being misguided by reviewers you trust. That’s why The Unaffiliated exists. Their reviews will never be biased, readers and viewers will always be informed whether or not a review is sponsored, and they offer two alternative perspectives to their audience. They review books, shows and films, as well as write a large selection of helpful blogs, and they also run a YouTube channel where they share vlogs and reviews.

About Leia:

Currently, Leia – and yes, she’s named after Star Wars – is a Year Eleven student in the process of doing her GCSEs. She is a fashion enthusiast and a total and utter cat-lover. She started reading towards the beginning of 2018 and her nose has been stuck in a book ever since. She loves fantasy, classics, well-written romance and sci-fi.

Skye (left) and Leia (right)

About Skye:

Skye – yes, also named after Star Wars – is also a Year Eleven student doing her GCSEs. She is a begrudging artist, an aspiring author, and an avid reader. She’s been reading since she was six and picked up Harry Potter for the first time. She loves (and writes) fantasy, as well as sci-fi, classics, and historical fiction.