No matter how besotted we are with books, us readers have probably been hit by a reading slump at least once in our lives. One minute, you’re devouring books like a kid on candy, and the next thing you know, the thought of turning another page leaves you retching.

Reading slumps can last from merely a week to months, or even years. Many times, the feeling of forcing your way through a book at a painfully slow pace, the experience of your concentration wavering every five seconds, and the horror of suddenly becoming disinterested in any form of literature at all can leave you riddled with guilt and dissatisfaction. These mortifying reading slumps can feel as if they will drag on forever and the fear of never being able to enjoy a book or find the motivation to read again can overwhelm you.

Worry no more because here we share with you ten of our very best ways that are proven to help overcome the abominable curse of a reading slump that occasionally plagues us all. Please be aware that not all of these tips may work for you; however, we have listed many different ways, at least one of which will hopefully be suited to you that will help you find your motivation and beat those insufferable reading slumps!

Re-read Your Favourite Book

One way to rekindle that motivation to get back into books is to read a book that you know you already love and will struggle to put down. Many people have books that are specially allocated to get them out of a reading slump as they know that are guaranteed to enjoy it. Re-reading a book also ensures that you will not struggle to understand the plot so all you need to do is sit back, relax and immerse yourself back into the world that you treasure.

Get rid of any distractions

When trying to read whilst going through a reading slump, the first thing you will want to do is find anything else to do other than read your book. The best way to prevent that is to keep any sort of distractions away from you before you begin reading. This includes things such as: phones, TVs, food, and (even though it may be difficult to do so) any irresistible cats or dogs. By staying somewhere away from these temptations, you will be able to fully dedicate yourself to your book.

Read with someone else

Reading with a friend beside you will encourage you to continue to power on and dive deep into the story. You will want to talk about the book you’re reading and your partner can hold you accountable when your concentration begins to waver. Reading with your close friends is a fun way to invigorate you to get back into books.

Go book shopping

Nothing compares to the high you get when book buying. Visiting a bookshop and surrounding yourself with the countless books stacked amongst the shelves will make you want to dive right into the books around you and hopefully cause your reading slump curse to be cured!

Succumb to the slump

If just looking at a book gives you the overwhelming urge to defenestrate yourself, maybe it is best that you give yourself a break from reading. Note that book slumps will eventually end and sometimes it is better to take a time-out and enjoy your break, rather than force yourself to painfully wade through another page.

Listen to an audio book

Audio books are the perfect way to get out of a reading slump. Just pop your headphones on, press play, and allow all of the work to be done for you. You can even find ways to get jobs done whilst you are listening to an audio book which is a great way to multitask!

Borrow a book from a library

Of you borrow a book from the library, it’s inevitable that you are going to have to return it at some point which means you will have limited time to read it. If you are in a reading slump, borrowing a book could encourage you to get it read before the deadline and hopefully give you a boost back into the reading mood.

Pick an easy read

Ease your way back into reading by going for simple, uncomplicated books to read rather than ones containing more complex, intricate storylines that are difficult to follow. This ensures that the book you’re reading isn’t hard to follow and, therefore, it will be easier to finish and continue back on the reading path you stumbled off before. Finishing a book, regardless of how short and easy it may be, will leave you feeling accomplished and reminded of how fun and enjoyable reading is.

Put yourself into a ‘reading mood’

Do things that will motivate you to pick up a book and get back into reading. This can include: building a reading nook that creates a cozy environment perfect for reading in, watching booktube videos and seeing other people feeling enlivened by reading (may we recommend you check out our booktube channel?), as well as reading positive reviews about a book which will encourage you to pick it up!

Try something new

One reason as to why you may be in a reading slump could be that you’re continuously going for similar genres of a book. Try switching up your TBR and read genres that you wouldn’t usually go for. Who knows, maybe your next favourite book could be from a genre you never thought to have read before!

We hope these tips prove useful to you and that next time you find yourself struggling to pick up a book, these techniques may help you overcome those diabolical reading slumps.

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2 thoughts on “10 foolproof ways to get yourself out of a reading slump

  1. Some really great ideas on this post! I tend to go to the library, change genre and re-read some of my fav books when I’m in a reading slump. You were right on the money for me! I had a reading slump not too long ago and it really got me down. These methods were great to help with it 😀 Awesome post!!


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